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Our divers are certified welders with many hours of underwater welding. Whether a structural requirement or construction falsework, our welding abilities help get the job done. DRS Marine Inc. has cut 18" diameter shafts to salvage propellers, burned 1,000 feet long sheet pile walls and torched trunnion pins within the tightest parameters. DRS divers utilize the underwater torch in zero visibility, high currents, tight access and sometimes in sub-surface dry atompheres. All burning and welding projects are run through our in-house underwater burning/welding JSHA's to ensure a job done safely and productively.



Many structures are built behind cofferdams in the dry. Once completed DRS divers cut the steel sheet pile wall at or below mudline. With in house cranes, barges and work boats equipped and ready, DRS Marine Inc. can assist in any project at any location.



DRS Marine Inc. has completed many welding projects in extreme conditions. With multi pass structural welds our divers can attach, fix or fabricate what is needed to complete any project. False work, jigs, padeyes, kickers, whalers, barges, anodes, pipes, patches or repairs; DRS Marine Inc. has the equipment and qualified welders for the job. 



Welding and burning underwater is a part of everyday work. Measurements, layout, fitting and fabricating turn key is what sets DRS Marine Inc. above and beyond the competion. With the ability to investigate and address any task, DRS Marine Inc. takes pride our in-house or field fabrication skills.

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