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DRS Marine Inc. has built, designed, fabricated and installed many different styles of trash racks. Dams, pumps, intakes almost always require the need for a trash rack. Trash rakes or traveling screens are sometimes used to keep the trash racks clear of debris, DRS Marine Inc. is familiar with the design, layout, installation and maintanance of traveling screens.



Keeping trash racks in good working condition is nesscasary for production facilities to stay online and free from harmfull debris. DRS Marine Inc. can




DRS Marine Inc. has reapaired and replaced many trash racks for dams, pump stations, transfer stations, intakes and outlets. DRS Marine Inc. has repaired trash rack bars, frames, support beams, girts and sills utilizing our certified welders and skilled personnel.



DRS Marine Inc. provides full inspections and cleanings of trash racks. Keeping trash racks clear of debris is an important part of the functionability and structuaral integrity of each structure. DRS Marine Inc. can provide a diving inspection or Remotely Operated Vehicle  (ROV) inspection to complete these task safely and in depth.

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