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ROV & Sonar

DRS Marine Inc. utilizes Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and Sonar for inspection dives, search and recovery efforts and as an aid for dive operations. Each project demands different vehicles either working class ROVs or inspection ROVs DRS Marine Inc. maintains a growing fleet. Sonar is also used for inspections or assistant to dive operations.



DRS Marine Inc. has logged ROV dives equating to five hundred plus hours of operating time. Deep dives at longer durations provide safe, cost effective means to completing projects. Tunnels, shafts, dams, intakes, outfalls and tanks are a few scenarios ROVs are effective.



Launching ROVS for dive operations is a valuble tool to the dive team. ROVs can provide quality control checks, pre dive layouts or hazard assements. The ability to work full shifts at depth or even around the clock DRS Marie Inc. has a trained and qualified team for ROV services. 



DRS Marine Inc. utilizes sonar for accurate inspections of sumberged structures and item locations. Pile inspections, bottom identification and hazard clearing or structure location are all services used with our sonar systems.

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