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With each project comes new challenges. Our dive teams approach each project or task with the same approach: safety, teamwork and quality craftsmanship. Here are few projects completed by DRS Marine Inc.

High Sierra Dam High Altitude Diving
Low Outet Valve Removal and Installation, New Trash Rack, Dam Repairs


DRS Marine Inc. sucessfully removed and replaced an old outlet valve and stem on a high sierra dam. This project required high altitude diving. A  concrete foundation was placed for the instalation of a new trash rack system. Dam face damages from harsh winter conditions were prepaired, formed and repaired wth concrete.

Dam Rehabilitation Multiple Contractors
Removal and Installation of New Fish Screen Structure

DRS Marine Inc. removed the orginal outlet screen for the dam and executed a full bottom survey for layout of entire project. A new concrete foundation placed on CIDH piles which supports the new fish screen outlet structure. Dredging, concrete placement, formwork layout, drill support, crane work, heavy steel and demolition, all phases of this project were completed safely and sucessfully.

Complete Dam and Structure Maintenance
Replace Hydraulic Acuators and Lines for Dam Outlet


DRS Marine Inc. changed two failed hydraulic acuators and all assoiciated hydraulic lines inside the outlet structure. With overhead lifting, burning, heavy steel, deep dive depths and confined spaces, DRS Marine Inc. brought the outlet system back to fully operational status. 

Phase Construction and Support
Cut sheet pile wall and final concrete work


DRS Marine Inc. cut existing concrete canal liner for sheet pile placement. Following major construction of new intertie station, the sheet pile wall was cut. Each concrete panel was formed and pumped with concrete for a finished product. Fast moving currents were a constant factor, making simple tasks complex, all phases of this project were completed safely and sucessfully.



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