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DRS Marine Inc. has wrapped thousands of piles to protect against marine boarer investaton. Pile jackets and pile splices are very common repairs to an aging pier infrastructure. Preventative maintanace is a crucial part to the longevity of piers, bridges, docks, foundations and moorings.



DRS Marine Inc. has conducted pile inspections accurately with piers consisting of over 10,000 pilings. Bridge pilings are inspected regularly for siesmic damages, stress cracks, structural integrity and base soils.



Timber piles are constantly exposed to the marine environment and associated organisms. To protect wooden pilings from further decay, protective shields and wraps are installed. Steel pilings are often in a very corrosive enviorment. Cleaning, coating and wrapping steel piles can help deter the damaging electrolisis.



DRS Marine Inc. has many forms in our inventory for pile repair using concrete. Fiberglass or composite forms are used to reconstruct pilings back to original design specs. Pile splices, rebar reinforcement, pile sleeves, jackets and forms using concrete, grout or epoxy are just a few examples of typical pile repairs performed by DRS Marine inc.

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